What is Kawasaki?

What is Kawasaki?

The Lake Alster brand name comes from Lake Alster in Hamburg, Germany.
Our product planning theme is to express originality that can only be found in Lake Alster, including the main colorful chenille weave and products based on chenille weave, as well as bags, fashion accessories, living goods, and clothing that can be coordinated with chenille weave. We offer a wide variety of products that enrich your daily life.


Lake Alster started in 1980 and has a history of over 40 years.
This is a brand that creates a rich lifestyle with a focus on traditional chenille fabrics.

December 1982 Launched the "Lake Alster" brand and started selling chenille towels with original patterns.
April 1992 Opened the first directly managed Lake Ulster boutique "Hotel New Otani Store" in Osaka City.
March 2004 Opened Lake Alster Boutique "Imperial Hotel Plaza Store", the first store in the Kanto area.
October 2004 Hotel Lake Alstar Alza Izumiotsu opened.


"Lake Alster" is our original brand that started with towels.
For 40 years since our founding, we have been spreading the word about the appeal of chenille fabrics and creating product items such as towels, handkerchiefs, bags, pouches, accessories, clothing, fashion goods, interiors, bath and toiletries, etc. so that they can be used in a variety of situations in daily life. We are expanding the range of
``Lake Alster'' is characterized by its wide variety of products and the fact that all of its products are original brands.
What makes this possible is our unique know-how in commercializing distinctive chenille fabrics and our exclusive designers who are well versed in this knowledge.
While conveying the goodness of chenille weave, we continue to propose new items that are in harmony with the lives and ways of life of Japanese women.
We also design chenille fabrics, and are working every day to create new patterns that will be loved for a long time, following the rose, tulip, orchid, and paisley patterns that represent Lake Ulster.

While we carry out product planning and design in-house based on domestic and international market research and product research, we also adopt a so-called fabless management system that does not have a factory, and develop new products that respond sensitively to consumer needs. We support the expansion of development. Products are mainly sold at retail specialty stores, department stores, and directly managed stores, with directly managed stores also playing the role of antenna shops, where information is collected every day at the head office and fed back into product planning. Masu.
The ``Lake Alster'' brand continues to focus on a gorgeous and rich lifestyle, and is supported by women who want authenticity.
Going forward, we will focus on developing the ``Artemall'' brand, which includes baby and children's products that are conscious of the connection from mother to daughter and then to grandchildren, and cultivate a new support base.

  • Commitment
  • Commitment
  • Commitment

Kawasaki chenille weave

Chenille was born in Scotland at the end of the 18th century, and passed from the Czech Republic to Germany, where the tradition has been passed down to the present day.
The fabric is plain-woven with colored threads of 15 to 18 colors, then cut and twisted to create a molded shape.
This becomes chenille yarn, which is then used as the weft and plain woven again to create chenille fabric.
Enjoy Lake Alster's gorgeous world that adds color to your daily life.

  • Features

    • Vibrant colors and richness of color
    • High quality, highly absorbent, durable and long lasting
    • Comfortable touch
  • material

    • 100% cotton (using Egyptian cotton)
    • Egyptian cotton is of high quality and long staple.
  • dye

    Uses industhrene dye.
    (Industhrene dye uses a special dye that is extremely resistant to water and hot water, so it has good color development and almost no fading.)

In the splendor of Lake Alster
A world that brings color to your daily life
Please enjoy.